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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

BATB Letter to the Editor

Below is an e-mail I received for the blog.



May 20, 2008

To whom it may concern:

Interesting how Democrat supporters are not scrutinized for supporting presidential candidates that voted for the Secure Fence Act. What has Clinton and Obama done? At least Cornyn and Hutchison have been actively engaged in their attempts to try to amend the act by forcing DHS to communicate with local leaders and property owners. Early on in Judge Cascos’ administration, he went to Washington , D.C. to speak with Cornyn to propose a levee as an alternative to the fence. He even has the picture to prove it and it’s posted on his webpage! Thanks to those efforts Hidalgo County will have a levee/wall combo and Cameron County better hope that they are extended the same courtesy because if Hidalgo County fixes its levees the water will run downstream to Cameron County . Which leaves one question; Can Cameron County ’s levees handle that?

Mayor Ahumada’s ( Brownsville ) comments in the Rio Grande Guardian (May 15, 2008 Foster: Filing the border fence lawsuit was a last resort) regarding his disappointment that Cameron County did not join Texas Border Coalition’s lawsuit against the federal government are misguided. He alludes that Cameron County did not join the lawsuit because of a Republican County Judge and a Republican administration in Washington ??? What??? This is coming from a man that in the past ran as a Republican against Congressman Solomon Ortiz. Cameron County ’s predominantly Democrat County Commission did not support it. The Brownsville City Commission that is all Democrat did not support it. Hidalgo County’s all Democrat County Commission did not support it.. Republicans have crossed party lines regarding the fence issue because it is not a partisan issue but why do Democrats insist on making it one.


Valentina P. Bazan


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here in The United States of America, we vote for those folk who support enhanced border security. All that stuff protesting and making claims about disrupting "border culture," and offending the Mexicans is, very simply, bullcrap.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008  

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