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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rep. Juan Escobar Receives Legislator of the Year Award

The Vietnam Veterans of America has awarded their "Legislator of the Year Award" to State Rep. Juan M. Escobar, D-Kingsville. The award was bestowed at the Vietnam Veterans of America Texas State Council summer meeting.

"Rep. Juan Escobar consistently proved to be a staunch ally, advocate and supporter of active duty military, veterans, and their families," said John A. Miterko, Government Affairs Chair and State Legislative Coordinator for the Vietnam Veterans of America Texas State Council.

During the 80th legislative session, Rep. Escobar introduced, authored, joint-authored, or sponsored 25 bills all for the benefit of veterans and active duty military. Specifically, Rep Escobar has introduced legislation urging Congress to construct a VA hospital in the Rio Grande Valley, to significantly reduce property taxes for disabled veterans and for surviving spouses (Proposition 9 authorizing 100% property tax exemption for 100% disabled veterans), reintegration counseling services for military and veterans (PTSD education and outreach), and tuition and fee exemptions for military, veterans, and their dependents.

"I am honored and humbled by this award," Rep. Escobar said. "No greater honor is there than to serve your country but the greatest honor is to reward our veterans with the services they deserve."

For more than 25 years the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) has provided advocacy on behalf of Vietnam veterans, and all veterans, and their families. The VVA Texas State Council represents 35 Chapters that blanket the state of Texas and encompass 4,000 members. VVA at the local, state, and national level has worked with legislators to ensure that veterans’ rights and benefits are protected, and that the next generation of veterans also has access to these same earned rights.

"As a decorated Marine Vietnam veteran, Rep Escobar takes great pride in his military background and service to his country, and is committed to improving the lives of veterans and their families in Texas by his consistent legislative advocacy and support," said John Miterko.

SOURCE: Press release, Rep. Escobar staff


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