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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ron Whitlock Reports on Imagine Brownsville

The text that accompanies Ron Whitlock's report this week reads:

Imagination. That's what the community of Brownsville is asking all of its citizens to engage themselves in. Imagine what they think and want their community to be within a 10 year period, because the comprehensive plan for the community not coming out of City Hall and the City Planning Department, but being developed, literally, by the citizenry themselves.

OK, so is my portion of the $900,000 paycheck in the mail?

Interviewed by Whitlock are Imagine Brownsville Co-chairman Irv Downing, Regional President of Chase Bank, and City Commissioner Anthony Troiani.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Is the portion dependent on how many meetings attended or number of committees served? Do the tri chairs get a piece too? They are citizens.

Boy, first the stimulus check and now Imagine Brownsville, now that's what I call gas money!


Sunday, June 22, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I appreciate your update on this important issue and follow up on your discussions with Godinez.

Overall, I think that it's a good thing that our city conducts comprehensive plans and more importantly, that it involve the citizens. But I still have such a hard time with the fact that the City is paying $900,000 AND that it hired an engineering firm as the lead contractor. These plans should cost at most about $150,000 and the lead firm normally has some kind of experience in being the lead planning firm in other cities. Ambiotec is a civil engineering firm and is not in the business of conducting these kind of plans. They are normally a subcontractor to a comprehensive planning process. It just doesn't make any sense.

Monday, June 23, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Imagine Brownsville engages the citizenry in master planning for the City while a few run off with $900,000? Time to call this bullshit for what it is, outright bullshit!

Just say no. Stop the waste and chuck this mess in the trash can before losing any more money on it.

What is Imagine Brownsville? A glorified volunteer effort with a few catered parties thrown in. Meanwhile, Godinez and pals are runnning off with $900,000 dollars stolen from the poorest city in America.

Anyone else notice the interviewers and interviewees are all white? Those who stand to gain financially asking their stooge, the rookie white Commissioner, to read some talking points from a script most likely emailed to Troiani by Godinez.

The real questions that weren't asked include:

Who still actively participates in Imagine Brownsville? What the Ambiotec organizers don't want you know is the vast majority of high profile individuals proudly listed on their website, leading you to believe Brownsville's master planning is in the capable and experienced hands of Brownsville's elite, don't bother to show up! Because the meetings are a pointless waste of time, hours of off-topic, rambling arguments, gossip, baby stories and socializing. The few still participating in Imagine Brownsville are nobodies who desperately want to be part of something expensive and 'important'. The somebodies bailed long ago.

Ask how much money has been spent on those experts promised by Godinez. The ones who don't attend the meetings, and don't provide that $900,000 expertise to the directionless, rambling waste they are charging us $900,000 for. Unless there's a big meeting at the Events Center coming up. Then, suddenly, a truly monumental effort to make shit sparkle.

Ask why the city of Pharr backed out of its contract with Ambiotec for Pharr's city comprehensive planning. $91,000 to break the contract saved Pharr from wasting hundreds of thousands on Ambiotec, when Pharr's Commissioners realized they had been scammed.

Ask why Brownsville is paying $900,000 dollars for a volunteer effort. The truth is, gathering groups of Brownsville's 'citizenry' together to argue, tell stories about their kids and gossip; childish staged votes asking non-expert volunteers to rank Brownsville's problems from 1 to 5, followed intensive polishing, rushed PowerPoint presentations and a heavy dose of PR bullshit by Godinez to make it appear something productive was accomplished, all righty. It doesn't require $900,000. We could achieve the same result over beer and peanuts. Godinez knows it, the Commissioners know it, and the Brownsville elite including Imagine Brownsvile spearhead Juliet Garcia, know it too.
The only reason they keep playing along is they are in too deep to back out now.

The truth is:
The Brownsville Commissioners, Juliet Garcia, Fred Rusteberg, Irv Downing and the hundreds of Brownsville elite conned into putting their names on Imagine Brownsville, would rather pay Godinez $900,000 to continue this sham than go down with the Titanic. The task force quietly admits Imagine Brownsville is a massive farce similar to Pharr's experience with Ambiotec, only more expensive. And scared shitless the public might catch on. How do they get away with it? Heavy doses of pre-scripted bullshit fronted by a few carefully selected stooges, who are too eager for the spotlight and too stupid to think twice before sticking their neck out for Ambiotec's sake. Lookin at you, Commissioner Troiani. A $900,000 payoff is preferable to facing angry Brownsville mobs demanding accountability and their money back.

Monday, June 23, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You all are getting it now. Just say no to that Imagine Brownville where the leaders of the elite, the above smart blogger mentioned will be enjoying profits from the contracts for construction of all this imagining. More buildings, no thought of payroll. Libraries are awesome, the college and high schools operate more than 40 libraries, yet we have two with a payroll and debt service that is consuming. Yet the pretty well dressed bank executives lead this imagination with this elite of 100. Ladies and Genlemen, this is not necessary. Look at a few cities up the valley that are near bankruptcy.

Robert "Captain Bob" Sanchez

Tuesday, June 24, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These Commissioners ignored Pat Ahumada when he asked them to work together against the border fence. They ignored Pat Ahumada when he said Imagine Brownsville was a waste of money.

Ahumada is proven right, again.

Give me a refund!

Nine hundred thousand dollars for this is obscene.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008  

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