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Sunday, July 27, 2008

SPI On Its Way ...

The Island folks are in good spirits today despite another day without power. Today, AEP estimates some power by tomorrow with incremental restoration the rest of the week. Still, the Islanders are making the best out of a not-so-comfy situation by enjoying what they moved here for in the first place -- the beach and sunny weather. Here are a few pics of folks today at the Wanna Wanna Beach Bar and Grill. The entertainer was playing a -- you got it -- Jimmy Buffett tune. CLASSIC.

A couple of locals offered to buy me a beer ... I took a raincheck. Scratch that, not a raincheck. No more inclement weather, please.


Blogger BobbyWC said...

MZ, assuming the island is open for business I have a group of 10 wanting to go for dinner on Friday night - can you - I reallize time is tight right now - or the SPI web page post a list as businesses begin to open so that people can see how fast the island is coming back - many people have favorite restaurants and will be more inclined to go to dinner if they know their restaurant is open.

Bobby WC

Monday, July 28, 2008  
Blogger Melissa Zamora said...

That would be great, Bobby. I'm post the list of opened businesses on

thanks, again

Monday, July 28, 2008  

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