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Friday, September 19, 2008

Ike's Unforeseen Impact -- Strength

The Rio Grande Valley was very fortunate to have missed Hurricane Ike’s wrath. However, praying for a hurricane to change its path is a double-edged prayer, if there is such a thing. Although our prayers were answered, the misfortune was simply passed on to others.

Lee Winters, a good friend and fellow blogger, resides at Waterford Harbor Marina in Kemah, Texas. His blog’s content mostly consists of updates on a 39-foot sailing vessel he’s been working on for years as part of a volunteer effort known as Sailing for SOS. Sailing for SOS raises awareness of and drives donations to the 501(c)3 non-profit SOS Children’s Villages – the largest organization dedicated to orphaned and abandoned children with more than 450 villages in 132 countries worldwide. This also included his visiting SOS Children’s Village locations around the world on his boat.

Now, his project and trip are delayed due to Ike. Although his boat is fine, he had significant damage to his office including the loss of many personal items.

Here’s an excerpt from his blog:

I am sorry to have lost so many reminders of times and people in the past. I did find one book soaked from cover to cover that I didn’t even know I still had. It was crumbling like wet toilet paper, but it opened to a page I remember reading very well almost 7 years ago. I’ve kept its message close in my mind as I’ve figured out what I am doing and where I want my path to go. I am quoting it here:

“Listen to the still small voice inside you. If you do not live your life completely, realizing goals you hold to be worthwhile, making your unique contribution to the world, nobody ever will. Your song will die with you.

Many of us have discovered what we want to do with our lives. We have a purpose that resonates to the very core of our being. Somehow our lives will never be complete unless we answer this calling. But, we refrain…the “still small voice” whispers a dream…but later that day or the next our vision starts to fade…immersed in the practical, our dreams and aspirations seem uncertain and perhaps a bit foolish.

We plod the highway of conformity, each following the other. We seek what others seek – comfort, security, money, power, pleasure. We are not alone, but only a stranger to our better selves. Years leave wrinkles upon the skin. But this loss of enthusiasm leaves wrinkles upon the soul.

It is impossible to tell another what path he should follow. Only you, in stillness and humility, can listen to that still small voice. Success and happiness are not distant goals to capture and hold. They happen incidentally while you are fulfilling yourself."

- Michael Lynberg, Author

Yes, we were fortunate that Ike missed us, but Lee’s obvious fortitude is a fortune in itself – one that we should all adopt, hurricane or no hurricane.


Pictured above is Lee Winters on his boat, Romance.
He plans to rename the boat, Jargo, after a story about his Great-Grandfather Christoper Columbus Winters.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although our prayers were answered, the misfortune was simply passed on to others.

Yes, and there's nothing we can do to undo that.

SPI got hit and lost a lot of business. Now, another Texas tourist destination got hit and SPI, still recovering, should try to capitalize on this opportunity to lure people back.

Patricia A.

Friday, September 19, 2008  
Blogger Melissa Zamora said...

We (SPI) are doing what we can to lure folks, but our four full-service properties, some small properties, and large condominium buildings are shut down. And, we've displaced many groups, conventions, conferences, because our large properties with meeting space are closed, including our convention center.

SPI has lost 47 percent or greater of its HOT tax revenues due to Dolly. We have a campaign now, and had it ready in anticipation of Dolly, to bring tourists back to the Island. However, our challenge is room availability and meeting space.

Saturday, September 20, 2008  

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