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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Contractor to Foot Bill for Defects in Sports Park's Softball Fields

The Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation Board has one less high-dollar change order to worry about for the Sports Park.

The BCIC Board discussed last month holding someone accountable for the Park's defected softball fields that have already resulted in erosion and drainage problems.

The tab for fixing the problem: About $100,000.

However, the Board didn't approve a change order at its meeting today with the Park's contractor, SpawGlass, stepping up to the plate to foot the bill.

According to The Brownsville Herald, "City Parks Recreation Director Skip Keller said that the solution to erosion problems would be to place grass on the slopes and redo the sprinkler system to water the additional grass."

Herald archives also reflect that costs for the Sports Park, so far, are as follows: Phase I-$24.3 million; and Phase II-an estimated $20 million.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When will phase 2 begin?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008  
Anonymous pat ahumada said...

I spoke with the engineer firm that did the slope and drainage plans at the City Sports Park, unfortunately, I was told that the Parks Director chose not to go by the specs as required.

Therefore, the Engineer feels they are absolutely harmless in this fiasco with the drainage problems and erosion at the Sports Park.

According to the Engineer, I was told the mound was at a one percent grade, but that it was opted to flatten it, which created other problems.

I am may be wrong, but I am sure that the Parks Director was told by someone to do the change in grade and that he just followed orders. I do not believe or see the Parks Director taking it upon himself to change the Engineer's specs, knowing they are the professionals who designed this kind of fields.

According to the newspaper, we now have the Contractor willing to absorb the $100,000 cost to correct the problems, but is he really absorbing the cost? Or, will this cost be passed on to the city by making it up in another area of the project?

In my opinion, if the contractor and Parks Director took it upon themselves to make the changes that were stipulated by experts, they should both be terminated. If not, they should tell us who specifically requested the change in specs and then that person should be held accountable.

If the contractor went against the Engineers design, then it makes no sense to keep him on or hiring him in the future for any other project, because he has proven that he cannot be trusted to abide by professionals and experts specs and it could be even more costly in the future. What if the project had been completed and paid for, then what recourse would we have to get the contractor to come back and pay for the damage cause for any unauthorized modifications to any project. This is serious breech of confidence in a multimillion dollar project, that could have proven to be more costly and is there any other unauthorized changes that we do not know about?

I believe the contractor is accepting responsibility for soemone else, or others and we should be told who specifically ordered the specs to be changed and that person should be held accountable.

Pat Ahumada

Friday, November 14, 2008  

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