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Monday, November 17, 2008

Rep. Lucio Files Bills Supporting Veterans

State Representative Eddie Lucio III (D-Brownsville) filed bills today in support of Texas veterans. These two bills will address issues related to educational and business opportunities for veterans.

"This session, the Legislature has the opportunity to pass legislation that will greatly impact the lives of veterans in our state" Lucio said. "These bills will go a long way in ensuring that our veterans have every opportunity to be successful in our troubled economy."

Rep. Lucio, who has long been a supporter of veteran's rights and assistance programs, will be beginning his second term as a State Representative for District 38. Last session, he authored HB 1106, which would have added service-disabled veterans to the list of groups eligible for the Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program. This state program gives preference in state contracting to businesses owned by women and minorities. This bill would have added businesses owned by service-disabled veterans to this list.

"Today, I once again filed HB 268 that would add service-disabled veterans to the HUB program," Lucio said. "In our tough economic times, it can be hard for all small businesses to compete in the marketplace. This bill would ensure that one of the most important group of Texans, our veterans, will have all of the opportunities and information necessary to do business with the State."

Rep. Lucio also filed a bill that would offer free-elective college credit to students who have served our country in the military. HB 269 will provide up to 12 hours of free-elective credit hours to veterans attending college. It also specifies that military service will meet any kinesiology requirements imposed by any university.

"Higher education is vital for success in our modern economy," he said. "This bill recognizes the educational value of the occupational specialty and training a veteran receives while in the military. Providing an incentive and support for veterans who pursue a college education after returning from service is a great way to help them succeed as they assimilate back into civilian life."

SOURCE: Rep. Eddie Lucio III staff; for more info, call Charlie Leal at (512) 463-0606.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"an economically disadvantaged student body"

Sounds like you are trying to infer we, the citizens of Brownsville, a city credited to having the highest poverty rate in the country, are stupid.

"How did we get to the point where a BISD trustee with a GED"; “and Cortez, who wouldn't know a doctoral dissertation if it hit him in the head”

Sounds like you believe that no one holding a GED is capable of rational thoughts or actions.

"Juan "El Ruckmaker" Montoya, who submitted this article initially for Captain Bob's Blog, explained to a gathering of fellow journalists that he can spot an idiot a mile away"

Sounds like to me that the arrogant and totally condescending segregationist bigot is you. You who believes that the majority of Brownsville who have no degree or a holds “only” a GED or “just” a high school diploma are idiots and should be disregarded.

Sir, you are the one unworthy to sit in judgment of others because you have substituted a degree for principles and common sense.

How can Otis Powers win and retain his seat on the board and hire his sister-in-law? There are nepotism laws against this. In any case the rest of the board would have to agree. No one person can mandate any one action when a board is involved. Everyone is accountable. As for the pay increases, two superintendents and three different boards approved general pay increases across the board for all administrators and staff including Mrs. Presas and her husband who also works for BISD. No one administrator including Mr. Power's relatives received preferential treatment resulting in extra pay. Except the superintendent who received a $20,000 raise two years back to back although all the high schools fail to have met AYP several years in a row and can face being taken over by the state.

As for Joe Rod, a man who has worked under numerous superintendents and twice as many board members, it seems to me that again those around making the decisions to keep him should be held accountable.

You disparage individuals you don’t know without even seeking them out. You speak like one full of hate for his fellow man and it shows. The lack of oxygen from your view from so up high has distorted your astuteness but then again a degree can’t guarantee morals.

Friday, November 21, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry if this sounds condescending but - What?

Monday, November 24, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Son, I do not know if you have Alzheimer's or crazy cow, but I know that you did not mean to post this tirade in this blog. Were you maybe thinking about the Captain's Blog?

Posting under Anonymous? Really? Words have more impact when we know who is spouting them.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008  

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