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Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Needs List

UPDATE: I want to thank those folks who have already contacted me to donate items as requested on this list. To donate items, you may call LOVE, INC directly at 233-1844. Thank you, and God Bless! - Melissa

Special thanks to Brownsville Community Fellowship, Christ’s Harbor Church , Church of the Advent, International Christian Center and Los Fresnos Church of Christ for their assistance in meeting needs this past month.

Please announce the needs listed below to your congregation, put in your bulletin, post on your bulletin board or display electronically prior to your services. As always thank you for all you do!!

•Sweaters/Sweatshirts – a family with 4 children (mom is unemployed and dad is disabled) need help with sweaters or sweatshirts for their 3 boys and one daughter. The children need these mostly for school so they cannot have any designs and cannot be pullovers. (boys sizes 16, 14, 12; girl’s size 12) (12B08) [Brownsville]

•Winter clothes – Single mom of 2 girls and with limited resources needs help with winter clothing. (girls size 5 &18 month; and ladies – Large shirts & size 10 pants) (12A08) [Cameron Park]

•Queen Bed Frame – Unemployed single mother of 3 blessed with a bed needs a bed frame – Queen-size. [Pt Isabel](11H08)

•Beds, winter clothing, sheets, & towels – A family recently moved to be close to father. Husband is self-employed. Wife had an accident and husband developed health problems. 1 Full & 3 twin beds needed. (*Men’s pants – 34 x 32; 36x34; *Boy’s – large shirts, *Girls 5-6, *Women’s – size 16 pants, large & 2x tops) (11G08¬) [Boca Chica/Old Pt Isabel area]

•Work – Father with three children, needs any kind of work, experienced in cutting lawns.(11F08) [Los Fresnos]

•Dressers, bed, table & chairs – family with three children recently relocated. Have limited income because they have been helping support elderly mother. (11E08) [Los Fresnos]

•3 Twin beds, beds, and refrigerator – Single mom recently relocated from San Antonio and unable to bring her furniture with her. (11C08) [Southmost area]

•Dining table & chairs –family of 4 with a new baby due any day. (11B08) [FM 511/ Hwy 48 area]

•Table & chairs, bed, dryer – Single mother with a disabled child. (11A08) [Los Fresnos]

•Bed – A couple (wife is legally blind) on limited income in need of a bed. (close to Valley Baptist-Brownsville) (10J08)

•Winter clothes for children – Single mother of 3 needs some warm clothes for her children [downtown Brownsville](boy’s size 14 – 16; girls size 12 & 6) (10I08)

•Maternity clothes – Expectant mother needs maternity clothes. She and her husband are unemployed. (woman size 12 pant, medium blouse) (10F08) [Los Fresnos]

•Dresser, bed, night stands – A family recently moved to the Brownsville-area and the husband is working few hours. (10E08) [Southmost area]

•Electrician needed – FEMA helped an elderly widow (on a very limited income) get parts to replace her fuse box but she is unable to pay for an electrician to do the work. She lives outside the Los Fresnos city limits (near FM 510 & FM 803). (10C08)

•Couch – An amputee in Brownsville is in need of a couch. (10B08)

•Ceiling fan & Delivery of 2 doors – an elderly widow in Pt Isabel would like a ceiling fan to help keep her electric bill down. 2 doors located in Los Fresnos need to be delivered. (09G08)

•Bed, heater, tv, dishes, pots & pans – Disabled, formerly homeless, man starting over. (09D08) [downtown Brownsville]

•Window AC Unit – Elderly widow needs window unit while on waiting list to replace central unit. (09B08) [near the Port of Brownsville]

•Bed (Full Size or larger) – Couple’s bed in Brownsville was ruined in their recent move. (07E08) [Brownsville]

•Plumbing repairs – Disabled woman has leaks under kitchen sink & the outside spigot (by Pace HS). (07A08)

•Washing machine – Couple with 7 children (father & 3 of the children are on disability) in need of a washing machine. (02C08) [Brownsville]

•Grocery bags – Do you have an over-abundance of grocery bags? Don’t throw them away! Good Neighbor Settlement House can use them! They can be delivered directly there or call the Love INC office and arrangements can be made. This is an on-going need. Thank you to all who have been taking your bags directly there.

•Old Suitcases – Do you have old suitcases you don’t know what to do with? Don’t throw them away! Give our office a call – the K-9 unit from one of the local law enforcement offices has mentioned they could use suitcases in their continued training of the dogs. (This is an on-going need – those dogs go through many suitcases!)

Please call the Love INC office @ 233-1844 if you can help with any of the needs listed above. Please reference the 5 digit number listed at the end of each request/need. Also, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have or if more information is needed.


Blogger Mimi said...

Melissa, appreciate your help. Many families have been helped by you posting this.

Thank you so much!

Mimi Price,
Love INC

Friday, December 12, 2008  
Blogger Melissa Zamora said...

You have absolutely made my day. It was my pleasure to help.

All the best,


Friday, December 12, 2008  

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