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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Let's Talk Issues ...

... Because I shall continue to refrain from personal attacks during this campaign. Regardless.

I did call Moses Sorola to confirm the rumor I heard about his endorsing my opponent Commissioner Carlos Cisneros. He told me that he met with Commissioner Cisneros. Sorola said Cisneros is taking care of "some issues" at the City he (Sorola) had and that he (Sorola) "needed to find a way to recover all the money he (Sorola) spent on the campaign." I asked him (Sorola) about all the money the citizens of Brownsville have lost due to Cisneros' poor decision-making on the City Commission. Sorola said, "I'm talking about the money I spent." He then excused himself from the phone call, because he had another call he needed to take.

It is what it is.


Cisneros vs. Sorola

By The Issues

1) Mr. Sorola supports the construction of the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

(Moses Sorola, Letter to Editor, Brownsville Herald, published Jan. 29, 2008)

Note: The border wall is opposed by Brownsville's majority.

Carlos Cisneros opposes the wall 100 percent and said: "No Border Wall." Yet, Cisneros is accepting an endorsement from Moses Sorola who is vehemently opposed to the Wall.

2) Mr. Sorola claims that politicians and political leaders who oppose the construction of the wall are "trafficking in illegal labor, illegal immigration, illegal drugs, money laundering illegal support to drug cartels and illegal financial support by drug cartels to churches." (Moses Sorola, Letter to the Editor, Brownsville Herald, published Sept. 9, 2008).

Note: Cisneros opposes the Wall, because it is wrong and because most of his constituents, including myself, oppose it. Opposing the Wall does not make one a drug dealer or money launderer. This statement is an insult to the Brownsville majority who either oppose the Wall or desire an alternative. I prefer strengthening the levees and allocating more resources to law enforcement.

3) Mr. Sorola opposes the construction of more publicly funded bridges to Mexico and does not care about how long it takes traffic to go from Mexico to the United States. He has stated that "if it takes all day for (immigration) to do their checks, so be it." (Moses Sorola, Letter to the Editor, Brownsville Herald, May 17, 2004)

Note: Our economy is dependent on trade with Mexico. When you slow down traffic on the bridge, you slow down trade and commerce. Many people who live in Brownsville also visit family in Mexico. Every elected Brownsville City Commissioner must care if it "takes all day to cross the bridge." Sorola has stated he does not care. Since Cisneros is accepting his endorsement, does he, too, not care?

4) Mr. Sorola also is against bilingual education and has stated that the programs "do little to promote a quality education." (Moses Sorola, Letter to the Editor, Brownsville Herald, Aug. 2, 1998).

Note: (Did Sorola receive extra payment as a certified bilingual teacher? Just a question.) Bilingual education is a must along the border. We live in the United States, a country of many cultures and languages that must be embraced. It makes us who we are -- a country most-desired to live in. Cisneros is born and raised in Brownsville and certainly must understand the necessity of bilingual education. Or does he since he sought and accepted Sorola's endorsement?

5) Mr. Sorola thinks that churches should pay taxes so that they can "appreciate the burden taxpayers face when they have to support the poor." (Moses Sorola, Letter to the Editor, Brownsville Herald, Jan. 10, 2009)

Note: Supporting the poor is not a burden, it is a societal obligation to look out for those who are less fortunate.

Sorola's position appears to be hypocritical. He states that churches should have to pay taxes, but he didn't mind starting his own not-for-profit corporation with another prominent Brownsville resident called the Brownsville GGL.

Cisneros has always touted that he's for the people especially with his "Getting it Done" approach. Does this exclude the poor?

6) Sorola criticized Valley Interfaith and other religious groups for "lobbying for more funds for the poor" and states that the "churches and some of their members are not interested in poor people, that they just want to keep their jobs running the clinics and others just want to let the drug trade and illegal immigration continue unabated."

Note: Sorola appears to be hostile to religious groups and appears to be hostile to the poor. However, according to Cisneros' Facebook, Cisneros is a very religious man. When told by a friend that "We" will win this election, Cisneros states: "We meaning God and the people! Yes we will!"

7) Sorola recently, in a Letter to the Editor in The Brownsville Herald, quoted Thomas Jefferson who wrote in 1814 the following:

"In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own."

(Moses Sorola, Letter to the Editor, Brownsville Herald, Jan. 10, 2009)

Note: Priests and religious leaders are not "despots (a person exercising power tyrannically)" They are members of our community and often serve as leaders in faith-based community initiatives. Certainly Cisneros appreciates the civic duty of Brownsville's religious leaders. Right?

8) Sorola touted the Imagine Brownsville Master Plan as a waste of taxpayer dollars in ads and in the many candidate debates and forums.

Note: Cisneros is proud of the Imagine Brownsville $900,000 project.

(Imagine Brownsville Web site, click here)

9) Sorola's stance on taxes/impact fees differ greatly from Cisneros' stance. Sorola's previous statements obviously were in support of lower taxes and higher impact fees.

Note: While Sorola supported the highest recommended impact fee, Cisneros found it to be too high. In a prior increase, Cisneros voted to rescind it.

Sorola wrote in an ad: "Some folks are taking two jobs to make ends meet and support their families. Fuel, shelter and the cost of other basic necessities are going up. And taxes are eating up any disposable income people can get." However, Cisneros touts his being a PID board member under Community Involvement and Service on his campaign Web site. Major (Hudson) taxing issues there.
In conclusion: As much as I'd like to take full credit for the above information, much of it was produced to me today by a disenchanted (former) member of the Cisneros Camp after the Camp chose to take this race to a personal level. I've done nothing of the sort to my opponent. It is a 12-page document that was to be used against Sorola in advertising in the event of a runoff between the two. I will say that I did add numbers 8 and 9, and I added my personal comments, too, to reflect the stark discrepancies in each candidate's stance on the issues.

I won't be intimidated. I believe in better government. I will continue this race.

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