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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers needed!!!!

Rose Timmer
Healthy Communities of Brownsville

Texas Recycles Day- Brownville meeting at the Brownsville Recycle Center on Elizabeth Street. Planning meeting for November 14 event

Public Forum- 6 to 8pm at the ITEC Campus. Banning Plastic Bags will be the to...pic & the public is invited. Need meet/greet volunteers. Need meeting evaluators.

Paint a Can- volunteers needed to help unload cans and give out information about recycling, sign up volunteers for HCB

Texas Recycles-Brownsville Recycling Center on Elizabeth Street-volunteers needed to meet and greet, give out information, cook and give out healthy snacks. Pick up recycles. Groups are welcomed. We anticipate 400 to 700 participants.

Health Literacy Symposium –January 27th at the Brownsville Event Center- volunteers needed for setup, registration, -more information as committee meets.

HCB and Imagine Brownsville- meeting on environmental priorities’ for 2010-volunteers needed to direct people to meeting place. Need someone to take notes of meeting.

Survey- volunteers to make phone calls to participants about Banning Plastic Bags. A short survey over the phone. Week of Dec 14th

Office Help-my filing is piling up. Need someone to help file and put stuff away. Need someone to answer the phone and take messages during the weeks of November 15 through November 30.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rose Timmer gave a presentation on a poll done that showed support for banning plastic bags.

Do you have the background on the places the surveys were conducted? Do you have the number of people the participated in the survey at each location and each person's claimed socioeconomic and political background? Was the poll conducted scientificly?

Thank you.

Thursday, October 29, 2009  

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