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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An Award With a Message

Sometimes, when the Mayor's unavailable, I get the opportunity to represent the City Commission at various events.

He was to unable to attend tonight's 41st Annual International Art Show. I was tasked with providing the welcome to artists and guests. I was also asked to choose one piece to receive the "Mayor's Award."

I went during my lunch hour to make the selection. Although there were many pieces, I found myself returning to the same piece.

“Generation Boom” by Angel Cabrales.

This piece consisted of a plastic gun, a helmet and combat boots. All were colorfully painted and adorned with children's stickers.

It was a timely piece. My interpretation was that society -- through media, television shows and even cartoons -- has desensitized weapons and war so much that our youth see their use to be more acceptable and having minimal consequence.Of course, everyone's interpretation is different.

An artist and judge for the show said the piece conveyed a woman's struggle in the military.

Let's see if I get asked again by the Mayor to represent him at another art show.


Anonymous Angel Cabrales said...

Ms. Zamora your interpretation is correct, but the judges interpretation fits as well.

Thursday, January 19, 2012  

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