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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What Character Arc Really Means

Do your research, kid.

A friend, who is currently on the outs with me, said today he never grows tired of witnessing my "peaks and valleys. Better than a telenovela."

My response: "Happy to amuse."

His response: "At least a couple of volumes of Amazon best-seller material right here."

My response: "Hope so."

His response: "Only thing lacking is some kind of character arc."

My response: "Do my peaks and valley compare to your state of contentment?"

His response: "As any good entertainment, they've propelled me from such a state. I'm beyond content."

My response: "What a life of vicarity."

His response: "Better you, than me."

I had to look up what a character arc was. I think I've done a great job of shoring up resolve against whatever is thrown at me.

See here.


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