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Thursday, August 23, 2012

City Embraces Children's Homeless Shelter Project

Today, we toured our City's future homeless shelter for children. It will be the first of its kind in the Rio Grande Valley. Our list of community partners is growing. Thank you Brownsville Parks, Grants Brownsville, Diana Clough of BISD's Youth Connection Project, Kenneth Parks of the Brownsville Food Bank, Charlie Cabler, Pete Gonzalez, Chris Patterson, Shannon Guerrero, and my daughter, Cecily. The City purchased the Mother of Perpetual Help property on Madison in May. Everyone has embraced this project. We'll be working on a community garden on the property from about 8 a.m.-noon Saturday. Volunteers welcome.
We don't have an opening date, yet, our our City Team is working diligently to renovate it and acquire grant/federal funding needed for a reputable organization to run the facility.
Nuns ran the Mother of Perpetual Help as a nursing home. When we toured the facility, it was as if the building was designed to continue to serve our community. It was quite moving to walk the halls where some of the rooms still had the names of the elderly who resided and even passed away there. Those rooms will soon have the names of our city's children in dire need. I believe divine intervention will give them hope.


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